Installing Plex Media Server on Raspberry Pi 3

I've been a Plex user for many years, running PMS off my previous Desktop (OSX). One of the main reasons for purchasing a Raspberry Pi 3 was that it would serve as a cheap Plex Media Server. Although the Raspberry Pi 3 lacks transcoding, I wanted to see how well it would fare. I'm hoping that I can stream from PMX locally and over the internet on my mobile devices and laptops.


Install NFS Client to access Network File Storage with Raspberry Pi

Recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 and wanted to connect it to my NAS drive (Lenovo IX4-300D) to access files. Here are my notes on how I got it up and running on Raspbian Jessie Lite. Following various guides around the internet, I did run into some problems. I've compiled a set of instructions that worked best for me.

Understanding WordPress Automatic Updates

Starting from Wordpress 3.7, Wordpress has integrated automatic updates to its core. Learn the difference between the core update types and how you can manage your core automatic updates along with auto updating your plugins and themes.

WordPress Security Checklist

With over 16 million websites running WordPress, its becoming more and more common for people to find vulnerabilities and exploits. Use my Wordpress security checklist for that extra layer of protection. Familiarize yourself with wp-config.php, .htaccess and other "under-the-hood" components to Wordpress.